Ik ben deze week een nieuw project begonnen: het doorgeef schilderij. Het eerste schilderij in deze serie is het werk "Troost" of in het Engels "Consolation".

Achterop het schilderij heb ik de volgende tekst geschreven:

Pass on painting “Consolation”

This painting is titled Consolation and has been made by Nico van Oosten from Holland (www.bluecanvas.com/nicovanoosten; www.nicovanoosten.exto.nl.)

 He has made this painting when he himself was in need of consolation and it helped him to acknowledge this need and to look for ways to satisfy it.

The painting is meant as a free gift for other persons in your network who are in need for consolation, e.g. because of a great loss or grief. Therefor the painting is not to be sold, hired, traded etc. It can only be passed on (or given back to the one who has given you the painting or to the maker) and this should be done no sooner than your need for consolation has been satisfied and is no longer there or when you think someone else is more in need than you.

If you want to write down your name on the back of this painting, feel free to do so.

If you want to share your experiences with the painting with me, feel free to write me a mail through my bluecanvas-website.

I would be thankful if you let me know where my painting is on our planet.

Nico van Oosten – September 26th 2013